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Faythe Wemhoff's Omaha Area Yoga Classes

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Pilates Equipment, Studio Pilates and Mat Pilates for individuals and groups (all ages and fitness levels)
Omaha Pilates Instructor,
Faythe Wemhoff

Omaha, Nebraska
E-mail: time4yoga@aol.com

Group Classes may be scheduled for your business or meeting place. (Suggested for groups of 10 or more.)

Scheduled Classes are being offered at many area health clubs and yoga studios.

E-mail time4yoga@aol.com for Faythe's current list of class times and locations.

Individual Training offered for Yoga; Pilates Mat; Pilates Reformer and Weight Lifting and Personal Training.

Pilates Classes in Omaha, Nebraska.

An interview with Omaha Pilates Instructor, Faythe Wemhoff:

What is Pilates?

Created by Joseph Pilates in the 1940's, pilates is a series of controlled, low-impact exercises designed to increase flexibility, strength and overall body tone. It benefits both mind and body -- addressing posture, concentration, breathing, and strengthening your core muscles.

The theory behind everything in pilates is that by strengthening your core muscles and overall tone, each body part is better able to perform its particular function. When this is achieve, other parts don't get asked to overcompensate -- because that's how many aches, pains and injuries get started.

I've heard of Pilates Equipment, Reformer Pilates, Mat Pilates, Studio Pilates... what is the difference between each of these?

Though you may occasionally incorporate a weighted ball or beanbag, Mat Pilates is primarily a series of floor exercises that use your own body weight and gravity as resistance. This is probably the most common form and is ideal for beginners.

Reformer or Pilates Equipment uses specially designed machines, equipped with pulleys, springs and ropes for resistance. Many trainers feel that the design of the machines allows their clients to see greater benefits that what is experienced from Mat Pilates alone.

Whichever route you choose, however, the goals are the same: improved lung capacity, circulation, strength, posture, and overall fitness. Pilates is also great for stress relief.

Where can I find a schedule of the classes you are teaching -- or perhaps even book you to give a presentation to our group or club?

Omaha has lots of great Pilates resources.

For specific details about my classes, however, please leave a message on my phone answering service. I will gladly call you back to discuss what pilates and I can do to help you achieve your health goals.

Improve your health and increase your mental clarity. Call Faythe today to receive a listing of current classes or schedule your company or group Pilates sessions:

Faythe Wemhoff,
Pilates Instructor in Omaha, Nebraska

E-mail: time4yoga@aol.com

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