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Faythe Wemhoff's Omaha Area Yoga Classes

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Yoga Classes offered for individuals and groups (all ages and fitness levels)
Omaha Yoga Instructor,
Faythe Wemhoff.

Omaha, Nebraska
E-mail: time4yoga@aol.com

Group Classes may be scheduled for your business or meeting place. (Suggested for groups of 10 or more.)

Scheduled Classes are being offered at many area health clubs and yoga studios.

E-mail time4yoga@aol.com for Faythe's current list of class times and locations.

Individual Training offered for Yoga; Pilates Mat; Pilates Reformer and Weight Lifting and Personal Training.

Yoga, Kids Yoga and Power Yoga classes in Omaha, Nebraska.

An interview with Omaha Yoga Instructor, Faythe Wemhoff:

What is yoga? Couldn't I get the same benefits by just stretching at home?

While many people may think of yoga as little more than stretching, the fact is that the "poses" (physical postures) are just one aspect of yoga. There are actually eight aspects, each one helping us to achieve a healthier, more fulfilling life.

In addition to the poses, yoga addresses self-control, proper breathing, concentration and even becoming one with the universe.

How much time must I spend on yoga each day or week to experience benefits?

It sounds like you are viewing this as a chore already? (laugh)

Rather than considering how much time you MUST invest, the important thing is to get started -- even if it is just 10-15 minutes of gentle yoga a day.

Select a yoga style that you feel comfortable with and see how you like it. Hopefully, those few minutes a day will give you just a glimpse of the relaxation, flexibility and energy benfits that yoga has to offer.

You can also view yoga as a great opportunity for "friends and family" time. Kids love yoga! So, if you need a boost to get started, set up a time for practicing yoga with your friends or family members.

What type of yoga is best for beginners?

Don't let the technical names intimidate you but "Hatha" may be most appropriate for beginners as it is more slow-paced, good for warming up and focus on proper breathing.

Once you feel comfortable with this, you may want to investigate some of the more fast-paced and intense styles of yoga. Personally, I love Power Yoga but that is definitely something you'd want to work up to. Remember, yoga is not meant to be competitive. Begin slowly and enjoy your yoga time. Pushing yourself too hard or too fast is not only dangerous and counterproductive -- it takes the fun out of yoga.

Is there any difference between yoga classes at a gym or at a yoga studio?

In my experience, people who attend gym classes are looking more for the physical benefits of yoga -- and that's great because yoga offers lots of fitness benefits. Their goal may be stress-relief, achieving better sleep, weight-loss or simply increasing body tone. Basic yoga can help students reach all these goals.

Other yogis (folks who practice yoga), however, may also be interested in the spiritual benefits that yoga offers. For this, a student will probably have to attend classes at a yoga studio.

Where can I find a schedule of the classes you are teaching -- or perhaps even book you to give a presentation to our group or club?

There are many highly qualified, talented and impressive yoga instructors in the Omaha area.

For specific details about my classes, however, please leave a message on my phone answering service. I will gladly call you back to discuss what yoga and I can do to assist you with your goals.

Improve your health and increase your mental clarity. Call Faythe today to receive a listing of current classes or schedule your company or group yoga classes:

Faythe Wemhoff,
Yoga Instructor in Omaha, Nebraska

E-mail: time4yoga@aol.com

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