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Faythe Wemhoff's Omaha Area Yoga Classes

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Personal Training sessions offered for individuals and groups (all ages and fitness levels)
Certified Personal Trainer,
Faythe Wemhoff

Omaha, Nebraska
E-mail: time4yoga@aol.com

Group Classes may be scheduled for your business or meeting place. (Suggested for groups of 10 or more.)

Scheduled Classes are being offered at many area health clubs and yoga studios.

E-mail time4yoga@aol.com for Faythe's current list of class times and locations.

Individual Training offered for Yoga; Pilates Mat; Pilates Reformer and Weight Lifting and Personal Training.

Personal Training in Omaha, Nebraska.

An interview with Omaha Personal Trainer, Faythe Wemhoff:

What exactly is a "Certified" Personal Trainer?

We attend classes and are tested on the risks, benefits, and proper techniques of many exercise programs. We are also trained in how to best design a workout that meets the individual client's goals and abilities.

Through the use of a Certified Personal Trainer, you are hoping to see the greatest fitness improvements in the shortest amount of time -- while avoiding bad workout habits or injuries.

Because most of us genuinely like helping people, we also serve as motivational coaches.

Do you focus primarily on weights, running machines, stretching, dancing type exercises?

We are certainly knowledgable about all of the above approaches but, again, we tailor a workout to the client's specific goals, likes and dislikes, and abilities.

How much does a Certified Personal Trainer cost?

Fees vary across the board (from $20-$100 per hour) so you may want to consider some of the following:

  • the trainer's academic and fitness training credentials
  • the types of clients they work with
  • if they fit your schedule
  • how well you "hit it off with them"
  • how well they listen to you
  • how good are they at explaining exercises and programs
  • do you feel more comfortable working with a man or woman

I'd also suggest asking others at your gym or club for personal trainers they recommend. Word-of-mouth is often a great way to find the best fitness trainer for you.

How can I reach you to discuss my fitness needs?

Omaha has a wealth of highly qualified Certified Personal Trainers.

For information on my fitness and nutritional approaches, however, as well as my availability, please leave a message on my phone answering service. I will gladly call you back.

At that time, we can discuss your goals and abilities. And, if you are agreeable, we can also schedule a fitness testing and health screening appointment.

Improve your health and increase your mental clarity. Call Faythe today to schedule your personal training workouts or plan your group or company fitness sessions:

Faythe Wemhoff,
Certified Personal Trainer in Omaha, Nebraska

E-mail: time4yoga@aol.com

Faythe Wemhoff | Omaha Personal Fitness Trainer
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