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Small Business Website FAQs

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The most commonly asked questions about our small business web site design package.

1. What does a web site cost?

Traditionally, a web site involves 4 separate costs:

  • Domain registration - your must be registered through a "registrar." Typically, the cost ranges from $15 to $35/year depending on the registrar that you choose. To check domain name availability, or to register a domain yourself, we suggest GoDaddy.
  • Design (or the time and money involved to build the site yourself.) Cost range from several hundred to many thousands of dollars depending on the number of pages, complexity and design requirements.
  • Server hosting fees - space must be rented on a computer that's connected to the internet at all times -- and one that has the capacity to serve your pages to visitors quickly and reliably. Costs range from $10-$50/ month depending on the server you choose and the features needed.
  • Promoting your site, Search Engine Optimization and submissions - a lot of services offer submission, some charging a thousand dollars or more. Hint: Look for a shop whose own site ranks highly in Google, Bing and the other major engines. If they can't get their own site listed highly, there's less chance that they will have great success with yours.

Joe Web offers a simple, inexpensive alternative to all these web site fees. We register your domain name as well as design, host, and promote your web site for a flat $2,599. (Optional, add-on features available at discounted rates.)

If you currently have a domain name registered and select us to do your design, hosting and search engine submissions, we can handle the transfer of your existing domain to our server - usually for no extra charge.

2. Why should I hire a design firm rather than building my own site?

While there are "do-it-yourself" web site packages available, they have many limitations:

  • Your ability to size, color correct and "optimize" photos for fast loading is severely limited. Having pictures that take 20-30 seconds to load is one of the surest ways to lose visitors to your site.
  • Most "do-it-yourself" applications yield "do-it-yourself" looking pages -- often with broken links.
  • Designing, building and optimizing an effective web page may take an expert several days. Creating it yourself can easily result in weeks of frustration.
  • A web page that no one can find is useless. Professional designers understand what search engines look for and design pages for high ratings. A good listing on Google, Bing or the other search engines and directories makes all the difference between a heavily-visited, profitable web site and one that just sits there.

    Plus, now that many search directories and engines charge hefty submission or "pay per click" fees, a knowledgeable web designer can save you thousands of dollars that would have otherwise been wasted.
3. How do I see if the www web address (domain name) I want is available? And if it is, how do I "lock it in"?

Visit GoDaddy to check domain name availability or purchase the rights to use a web address.

Do-it-yourself domain registration costs as little as $9 or $10 per year. However, if you have Joe Web register the domain in your name as part of your web site package, there is no cost to you for the first year.

4. How do I get my site listed on Yahoo and the other search engines? Is there a cost?

While most search engines (and many web directories) still offer free submissions options, Google, Bing, Yahoo, and AOL each offer variations on pay-per-click listings. And, so do the major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

While these "premium" listings are a quick way to attract exposure to a website, they can also be very costly -- easily incurring hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars a month.

At Joe Web, we submit our clients' sites to Google, Bing and other major search engines and directories that accept free or low cost submissions. Most clients enjoy excellent traffic from being listed only via free search engines and directory submissions.

5. If I choose to work with a web design firm, how do I go about selecting one?

Rather than calling "friend of a friend" or the local agency with the largest listing in the phone book, we suggest conducting your own web search. Enter "keywords" such as "small business web sitedesigner" at any of the major search engines or directories (such as Google or Bing) and start your search there.

Firms that rate highly are the ones that understand search engine technology and may get the best search engine rankings for your business.

Next, visit each of the firms' sites and critique their design. Once you find a couple whose sites that: consistently appear at the top of search engine lists and show examples of their work that are attractive, easy to navigate and do a good job of communicating vital information, contact them via phone or E-mail. Inquire about their fees and how they work with new jobs and clients.

Obviously, we hope that you will include Joe Web in your list of design firms to consider. Please feel free to contact us by e-mail or by phoning us at 828-551-9761.

6. I have other questions not covered on this page. Where can I find answers?

Send us an E-mail message. We will respond with a prompt, personal reply.

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