kona head out car window
kona cooling in frozen shirt
This soaked-and-frozen 'cooling' shirt was shredded in 5 minutes.
kona 'guarding' the cows kona in car kona malamute on inroad kona malamute at farm kona malamute in pickup kona malamute stretching kona malamute backseat driving
kona bored in the car
Bored in the car.
kona bored on the deck
Bored on the deck.
head out the car window
Pisgah Forest road trip: Looking for the bears and wolves that Kona claims raised her as a pup. (Since she is a rescue, we don't know her backstory.)
kona at brother wolf
Kona's adventures with us started here. (Her 'Available for Adoption' listing on July 14 2019.)
tapeline to keep kona out of kitchen
TEST: Establishing DO-NOT-CROSS tapeline to keep Kona OUT of the kitchen. RESULTS: Fail.
October 2020 leaf peeping adventure
Oct. 2020 leaf peeping expedition near Blue Ridge Pkwy.
christmas 2020 - glamour filter
Christmas 2020 - glamour filter
kona in igloo
Kona as 'igloo greeter' for the NC Arboretum Winter Lights display.
christmas 2020 - casual
Happy Christmas 2020, everyone!
being toweled dry after a swim
Swimming - Awesome! Being toweled off - Awful!
Frustrated! Waiting for a walk
In full winter wool! Frustrated, waiting to go on a walk.
Kona in the bamboo section of the Swannanoa River trail at Warren Wilson College
Bamboo section of the Swannanoa River trail at Warren Wilson College.