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How to get the most from your Joe Web site design and hosting.

1. Help our designers write a single, benefits-packed sentence that describes your business, products and services. (Approximately 20 words.)

We enter this <meta description> in your web page's code. (Visitors to your site never see this description, but many search engines consider it when ranking your site. It also often appears on the first line behind your site's name in search engine listings.)

For example, the meta description for Joe Web reads:

" designs, hosts and promotes small-business web pages - all for one discounted price. Click now for details."

2. Assist us in coming up with 7-10 single "keywords", or "keyphrases", that you think your customers may enter when doing a search with search engines.

As with your site's <meta description>, these <meta keywords> are entered in the code behind your page.

Again, as an example, Joe Web's keywords are:

"discount web design, discount web hosting, web site designers, low cost web site design, web page designers, Omaha, Nebraska, Asheville, North Carolina "

3. Help us collect the information necessary to write a "web page that works."

If you have existing brochures, ads or articles about your products or company, these can be used by our designers to write the best body copy for your web page.

If you choose to write your own body copy, be sure to write it from a customer's perspective -- loaded with your keyword benefits. And to rank highly with search engines, it is important that these keywords appear very early in the text and are mentioned 5 or 6 times throughout. While factors such as "reliable, experienced, trustworthy, etc." may be important to clients, they are "throw away benefits" as far as search engines are concerned. Therefore, be sure to also include keyword benefits that are specific to your products or services.

Other items we would like to include -- to make your web page the most useful are: your hours of operation; the forms of payment you accept; your phone, fax and cellular numbers; years of experience; any awards you've won or associations you belong to; etc.

4. Provide a copy of your logo and lots of photographs (in digital format, please) showing your products, storefront, key personnel, etc.

These should be of photos of items that will interest visitors and may help give them the to confidence to do business with you.

5. Once your site is published to the web, include your www.address on business cards, stationary, envelopes, etc.

A web site is the quickest way for both current and potential customers to learn more about what your company offers. (And your site will be working all day, every day - long after your staff has gone home.)

6. Display your web address in your store or office; on your newspaper ads, business cards, stationary letterhead and brochures; on any billboards or bus benches your running; on product packaging and on all vehicle signage.

By directing customers to your web page, you can communicate much more information, for a lot less money than other marketing methods alone.

7. At the bottom of your E-mail messages, include a line about why people should visit your page.

For example:

Want to save hundreds of
dollars on your small business
web page? Learn how at

8. Refer to your web site's address on internet bulletin boards which relate to your industry.

For example: a nutritional supplements dealer may visit message boards or chat rooms discussing chronic fatigue or weight loss. He/she can mention they have a product that addresses this issue and direct readers there for more information and instructions on how to order.

9. Many large manufacturers receive thousands of internet visitors each day. If you are a distributor or installer for one of these companies, request a link from their web page to yours.

10. Send a press release to current and prospective customers announcing your web page and your matching E-mail address.

Make sure everyone knows that, with your web page, you are now easier to contact and do business with.

11. Each time something new or exciting occurs within your company, let Joe Web know about it. We will update your page with this information.

When customers know your page is a timely source for company information, they are more likely to bookmark the site and visit it frequently.

Updates are billed at the discounted rate of $60/hour.

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