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Simple steps to launch your small business web site package.

1. Call Joe Web (828-242-5994) to discuss your web site needs and objectives.

At the initial phone meeting, we'll discuss your selling message and goals. We will also discuss how you should prepare the text/copy for each page of your site; what pictures and graphics you will provide; which images we should locate, etc.

2. Upon mutual agreement of the scope and goals of the project...

We ask that you read, print, initial and sign our Service Agreement and fax or mail it to us.

Upon receiving your copies, we will initial each item, sign and date the copies, and fax or mail them back to you.

Your initial payment for 1/2 of the total fees is due before domain registration, site design or any additional work begins. MasterCard, Visa, Discover, AmEx, PayPal or Cashiers Check are accepted.

3. You will be asked to prepare a rough draft of your body copy.

Your body copy should contain approximately 300-500 words per page. (Search Engines favor sites that are written in a certain manner so, with your input, we will edit and optimize your body copy.)

4. Unless you already have a domain name registered or have a specific name in mind, we will research available domain names and present you with several options.

Registration of your domain name for one year is included in our fees.

5. Your web page(s) are designed and optimized for top search engine placement.

Every Joe Web site is designed to be attractive, quick loading, easy to navigate and to rank as highly as possible with search engines. All sites also go through our search engine optimization process.

6. Upon your final approval of our page design, your site "goes live," search engine submissions begin, and your free E-mail accounts are established.

At this point, your final payment is due. You will incur no further costs (other than optional updates or modifications that you request) as your domain registration and hosting are paid in full for the first year.

After one year, you may renew our domains registration, hosting and design services at our discounted rate or you may relocate your domain name and site content to a different registrar and hosting service, if you so choose.

7. Notify us when your page(s) needs updating.

Updates and site modifications are billed at just $60/hour. We find that most updates are completed within 15-20 minutes.

To proceed with step 1, contact Joe Web today! We'll help your small business succeed on the internet!

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