my wife and i purchased the farm sink below to install in our new kitchen. We
assumed that the builder would have the sink stick out just a bit beyond the front
of the countertop and cabinets.

top view of farm sink

front view

After the builder had the sink in place, we were very disappointed. Unfortunately,
he cut the sandstone countertop so that the sink is smaller (front to back) than the

farm sink in place (note how sink does not extend out beyond countertop and

farm sink in place from side, as it looks now

if sink were moved to where we think it should be (so that the front bonnet slightly
extends out, beyond the countertop and cabinets), a 2" gap would be created.

Can you think of any solution to make this sink work? Is there any sort of "extender"
that could fill that gap?

please call me if you have ANY ideas.

thank you,

randy wemhoff